Written on:May 26, 2012
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The real potential for the growth of solar power technology isn’t going to be found in a large number of big, commercial solar complexes. Why? The infrastructure and investment necessary to make this happen on a large scale really matters doesn’t exist in the US or EU anymore. However, it can happen in Ontario, Canada.

How? Through the hard work and dedication of a resilient entrepreneur: The Solar Farmer.

It will be through the Solar Farmer/producer that we can power entire communities, continuously fed with inexpensive and bountiful solar energy. Made possible through new advancement in solar panel technology, energy storage technology and the Ontario, Canada’s Feed-In-Tariff program (F.I.T).

A Platform For Local Solar Farming

So, how does a resilient community build a solar farming platform? Here’s what is required.

Have land available to place solar panels.

The community/farmer must have access to the grid infrastructure that currently supplies them with power.

Complete your application to the F.I.T program.

Install ground mount or tracker solar panels along with an inverter.

Be granted access to the national power grid.

Have a management package that both continuously correct any malfunctions and optimizes production, and an accounting system to help transfer your money from the Power Seller (Energy Companies) to YOU.

The combination of these features lets solar farmers, whether entrepreneurial family farmers or farmer co-operatives (that share expertise and equipment) rapidly jump into generating power and selling it back to the power companies.

With solar power module costs at an all time low, the biggest costs involved will be installation. (*There is financing available.) Add an optimization and operational management package makes for a complete “Turnkey” business.

If you would like to learn more about how you can start your solar farm, from people that have this info and technology, and management systems under one roof. Call the experts at Ethosolar.

Ethosolar, has all the experience, equipment and resources to turn you unused or under-utilized property into profit.

See our website and ask for a personal consultation on how you can get started

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